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Our House Blend Coffee is a true classic that embodies the essence of comfort and familiarity

Standard Ground House Blend Coffee

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With a medium-dark roast profile, our House Blend strikes the perfect balance between richness and smoothness. As you open the bag, the captivating aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans fills the air, promising a delightful indulgence with every sip.
The flavor profile of our House Blend is a harmonious symphony of nuanced notes. From the first sip, you'll encounter a well-rounded combination of robust flavors, featuring a mellow sweetness and hints of cocoa. The medium body of this blend ensures a satisfying mouthfeel that carries the flavors effortlessly.
From Central and South America, our House Blend is a crowd-pleaser that caters to all coffee enthusiasts. Whether you're enjoying a quiet moment alone or sharing it with friends and family, this blend's consistent quality and comforting taste make it a reliable choice for any occasion.


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