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Our sparkling water soda mix flavors are great, but you don't have to take our word for it. Check out what some of our returning customers have to say:

Best diet soda syrups I have tried!

"These are excellent soda syrups that taste dead-on like the real thing. The flavors are strong and taste exactly like how you would expect them to. The first one I tried was the Cream Soda and after taking a sip, had to set down my glass and go back and make sure that I actually got the sugar free syrups and not the regular ones by mistake. I like some of some of the other brands. Mainly Cola and Root Beer, but these are better. I also use the little flavor drops for water bottles to make sodas, but this stuff is better than that too. Next time I'm going to get the sampler packs so I can try some of the more offbeat flavors like Bubblegum and Pineapple Cherry."

~ Amazon Customer

Taste great with no aspertame

"They taste great. Bought them for my husband’s soda stream. Will buy again"

~ Lovinlife (Amazon Customer)

Great flavor syrups for your Sodastream

"We purchased a Sodastream and wanted a variety of flavors in diet. I have been diet soda drinker for many years. These had a pretty good flavor but a slight aftertaste that I noticed but not bad enough that I wouldn’t by them again."

~ Nancy Jones


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